Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shetland Wednesday

Sheep day and sheepdog day.

Angel practising sitting still and not bothering them on the breakfast walk.  We saw a man and 3 collie dogs shifting sheep later and then on the walk met 3 more, or maybe the same, just hanging out.  No photo cos I was busy persuading Angel that she could/should just keep walking.
The photo of the sheep walking in crocodile.  I thought the black ones were collies at first, but they're not.  The sheep are taking themselves for a walk.
We went to South Gluss but didn't get to the end of the track cos we came to a gate tied shut with two ropes and I wasn't sure I could retie them.
 I took this one on on the way back for the bumpy skyline:
Coming back we met a woman sorting sheep, the three sheep dogs again.  Angel seemed a bit less scared to see them this time.
And then while the mud dried we sat in the sun shining, (through the window).

Then, by tea time, the wind had got up and there were waves breaking on the mudspit.
And there are the sheep again - behind the quad bike.
We saw Jean when she came to feed hers.  She said the forecast is a gale tonight but a good weekend.

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