Monday, 30 April 2012

Simple mind, simple pleasures

My mum used to say little things please little minds but it doesn't seem the same.
 In a week of grey, It was worth getting up to:
(It isn't snow, it's perlite cos I hadn't any vermiculite or whatever it's called.) And over the week, all my windowsill plants germinated - 4 kinds of cosmos, tomatoes (sungold) and nasturtiums.

And today it's sunny enough for the cats next door to try out the garden furniture.

And for the plants from my greenhouse to try life outdoors.

When these first came through I thought they were tulips,

Then when they got their buds, I realised they were aliums and thought, oo, lovely blue



But this aquilegia is making up for it.

Monday, 23 April 2012

What's the difference between concentrating and faffing about?

Maybe it's the amount of focus needed. I can faff, or potter, for hours but I can't concentrate on anything.
I've started a new page on the quilting I'm doing.

The two outer cushions started as a bit of tapestry I was making up as I went along, meant to be a rhubarb plant in a terracotta pot for Susan. But I lost impetus and so when quilting came into my head I went to Swarthmore classes and so could use their machine.  The one in Susan's armpit is machine sewn and the other hand.  My hand sewing is pretty appalling, so I'm not sure how well anything that needs washing will hold up. I'm enjoying finding out how to do it though and am even learning how to use a thimble!

  This is from BibliOdyssey

Another I follow on flickr

MK Sunset
Originally uploaded by John Spooner

Blue Door

Blue Door
Originally uploaded by jillyspoon
She takes some smashing photos

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Susan found this.  It's Dad on the right with his cap on sideways.  Mum says that it's funny that her Grandad's last job was emptying wagons and her husband's first was filling them.  This was Stavely works and he was filling them with slag from the iron foundry.
It wasn't his first job though 'cos her first memory of him is when he was sitting under the clock having a cig with her mum when she was five.  He was delivering papers from his dad's shop and bringing her other people's comics to look at.  He'd be 10.

I look for these every Saturday