Thursday, 29 July 2010

What is it with...

... facebook?
Why is it addictive?
... the pictures people put on as their id pics?
Do they see themselves as dogs?  Is it if you like my:
dog you'll want me as your friend? a bit odd.
little boy you'll want me as your friend - even creepier.

Anyhow I'm going to change mine for an aubergine because it is beautiful!

... talking about crying on facebook - maybe it was the time I joined, the last day of the school year but it was all about tears.
... talking about crying - Toy Story Three and tears as if it is something to celebrate.  Sentiment or sentimentality?  Tim Dowling, is it, who writes for the Guardian lobs a hammer at it saying he can cry at external triggers - music etc - but not at real feelings - then he swears.  I don't think he hits it on the head though.  I have an image of men blubbing over cartoon characters while condoning neglect, torture and murder as long as they can keep driving their 4x4s on cheap petrol. 
... mothers on facebook - 1: pics of their children instead of them - see above
2: and I quote: "to all the mums who have traded eyeliner for dark circles, salon haircuts for ponytails, long showers for hairy legs, late nights for early mornings, designer handbags for nappy bags.... and wouldn't change a thing... lets see how many mums repost this. Mums don't care whatever ......they give up....They love what they..."  What???  Replace mums with grown ups and nappy for shopping and you see how fatuous it is.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Back in Leeds

A lovely time away in Riseley and London.  We went to  an open garden:

and Marlborough Open Studios.  Fenella Elms' stuff ( made me want to taste it!  Alison Edmonds ( in her shed was showing us how she does a piece a day along with a couple of friends and they have a format - 7"x5" - to limit it.  So I've started and done 3 so far.  Monday was London and Tracey to the Brit Museum to see the Drawing exhibition.  I got in as an OAP for half price.  The way they made me want to look and look is inexplicable.  So I got the catalogue.
I've not been away for so long for ages - 10 days including the time at mum's and all on 4 outfits and that includes the dress I took for mum's birthday bash, of which I haven't got a photo of course but it was rewearable though I carried the heeled shoes around for no reason for the rest of the time.
So bags bulging with clothes and then catalogue and the book they gave me for free and the paper I bought in the paper shop we found ( and the book I bought cos Tracey said it was in her all time top ten and of course dog stuff.  Thank heavens one was on wheels and the other on my shoulder and Angel lived up to her name, trying to get on a 2 step up train with a coffee and warm ciabata too!
I have NOT yet followed up on the other bit of the visit to Tracey - she's in to crotchet, felting ( and cross stitch - Paul is doing a beautiful copy of a madonna from Gent Cathedral with 2 threads - and a magnifying glass light!
Phillip next door looked after the garden really well and I came back to potatoes ready to tip out of the pots and the greenhouse: