Tuesday, 19 January 2016

It has been sooooo long

that I can't remember the fonts or even how to work the buttons but I was looking for oven baked celeriac crisps and came across 'part of the main' and it made me want to start again.
I'm not sure about the crisps, I think I might enjoy dipping my greasy finger in a salt cellar as much.
But I enjoyed to blog. It made me wonder, as the ones I enjoy do, if lack of self-consciousness is a talent or a style.
Delia's celery and celeriac soup was a good start for my this week big lunch cook and used up the celery from the veg drawer which was starting to freeze - I think my fridge might be bust.
So, I'm eating soup and wondering if this is a way of putting off proper writing, but it is less frustrating than playing Klondike.
Now I'm wondering about the way this site capitalises. It did Klondike, see it's done it again, but won't do the start of sentences.

To every blog a picture or a pithy quote

Not sure if it's necessary or will happen but today's has 3


This is a photo of Susan from Christmas 2014:


This is the picture I did in Jan 2015 on one of the canvases she and Diz gave me for Christmas:

I've started by updating the Science page

Susan said she has no interest in theoretical physics. “It doesn’t matter how things work,” she said, “It just matters that they do.”
She is the intelligent one.
It’s taken me from 4L to sixty-six to realise that modern physics, by which I suppose I mean theoretical physics is just another branch of dialectics.
And am I right and does it matter?
I don't know, I just know it niggles at me.


And this is how I reworked it this January: