Monday, 17 December 2012


This is yesterday's post but a day late. 
I am going to get there on time!

Waiting to be seated.

The view from the top of the steps as we practised lining up.  (Just like a school Christmas play really)

Sing to the light in the curtains!
And then it was four o'clock and we were on:

 And then it was six and it was over.  It was a very long day but so worth it.  I've not felt that crowd feeling since I used to go on demos and this was better cos it is all about joy rather than anger/ righteous indignation.
Getting ready for Christmas goes a-pace but I never seem to get any closer to finishing anything, so no pics there yet.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The meek did inherit the earth

and they gave it away to the pushy.
I was only thinking when I did the blog labels last Sunday that it was an age since I'd felt the need to rant.
All it needed was town on Monday morning.
I didn't know that you never go into a small branch on a Monday morning because that is when small businesses put in their takings -
I am going to retrain as a mugger.  There was this woman pulling enough cash out of her handbag to be paying in for the whole of the half hour I was queueing (we were lined up out into the street) and still be there when I left.
Then I had a row at the bus stop.
Two elderly women bound for the White Rose Shopping Centre togged out in M&S  jogging through the queue to get to the front.
Me:"'scuse me - this is the queue.'
The one in front kept jogging the one at the back slowed.
Me: 'We're all queueing for this bus.'
Blank stare of the mud beneath my feet variety.
Me: 'Being old isn't an excuse for queue jumping.'
Then she spoilt it, 'You're pathetic.'
'I'm pathetic and you're behind us.'
'Why should I be?'
'Because we were here first!'
I didn't let her on.  She couldn't see she was in the wrong but she didn't have the bulk to push past me.  I couldn't see I was in the wrong but I obviously wasn't very convincing. (Being an elderly woman myself, I thought I would be.)
The lad politely waiting his turn in front of me agreed with me, for the rest I don't know.
So I got on and felt like a bad christian if not a bad person but then
Rant part Two
One of our travelling vicars sees it as his role to reinterpret the Bible and he was saying the other week how it is all about power and how Jesus has all the power in his conversation with Pontius Pilate and how when he calls himself the son of man he is referring to a bit in the old testament where the son of man inherits the earth.
Now, up till then I'd thought he was refusing to call himself the son of God, so plus points for humility right?  But this vicar's viewpoint put a whole new slant on it.

So, back to the meek - they had it all as far as I can see because they were the ones who grew the food and made stuff and then they went and gave it away to the pushy.  They invented the feudal system and we've never got over it.
So... Bugger meekness, I'm with Bob Marley, 'Stand up for your rights.'
Rant Part Three
I always thought that I would get to an age when people would stop commenting (adversely) on my appearance.
'Why have you got ribbon instead of a belt?' is easy enough to answer.
'What's wrong with your leg?' is not so easy and does she really want to know?
That was in the week.
This is today:

Sunday, 2 December 2012

What to do now November is over?

I did it  - 50,033 words.  Now I have to leave them alone for a month.
It's been a week of sitting typing  - the last 5,000 took the most dredging out.

I did a little Etsy shopping for some more pics.  I'm going to have to give some as Christmas pressies I think, cos I'm running out of wall.

Here's an advent pic from Holbeck Gala.  Slade is on the system:

Today was great, clear and cold again and we went to Saltaire; walked up the canal, down the river and back up the canal.  The canal survace is greasy looking because it is frozen.
I don't know where the dark edges come from - probably my hands.