Sunday, 26 August 2012

New year coming up

September always feels like the start of a new year - too much time spent inside the education system - so I'm still in planning mode even though I am now back in Leeds.
And more so because I have finished Diz's door hanging! - the pictures are on the quilting page. 
As I've done nothing but sew all week to yesterday lunchtime, that's it for this week. (Had lunch outdoors on Ilkley Moor, and no hat on, in the rain today - it was delicious and not at all waterlogged.)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Writing from Reading

Today is quintessential summer.  Too hot, Susan pottering around the garden, flip, flop,flip, splash, weedkilling with salt, boiling water and disapproval, Pete fixing something with bleach and a hammer while I sit in the shade with a long drink and a pot of olives, planning what I will do when I'm at home and so in a position to fail to do it.
Angel has half decided she likes it here:
We saw a deer here the day before when I didn't have a camera

 There is nothing like a paddle on a hot day.

The playground is always worth a visit

I know we haven't been this way before but keep up and I'll look after you
Big bird far away.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Old skills come in handy and a confession

  • Washing a hair brush
  • Rolling a cigarette
  • Yoga breath
I was taught how to wash a hairbrush and comb in Domestic Science. It came back to me today when I was washing the Roomba's brush - beat the surface of the water with the brush and it fetches the stuff out of the base of the bristles.  Does anybody do Domestic Science anymore and are they taught how to make tea and toast and to iron a shirt?

Cig rolling was learnt at my Dad's knee.  Years of watching him have paid off though I still can't roll with the gummy edge facing me or garden with the cig stuck to my bottom lip.

And the yoga breath was recalled by Diz when I restarted going to yoga.  She still uses it to screw  the tops off new jars.(As do I - it's obvious when you think about it but we never did until Fleck told us!)

And now for something completely different:

Don't they look smug.  There are more on Biblioddysey

My favourite cookbook is a Good Housekeeping from the fifties.  I got the jam recipe from there - it is certainly from a different time, it talks of not having enough sugar.

As for the confession - I'm a self publisher.  No, not a self publicist, though I may be that too. I've been putting my poems onto Kindle for three months now.  There's stuff I've not thrown away since the 70s and I'm not claiming it's good.  That's why the writer is Jane Newall, my Dad's grandma who he could not stand.  There's 3 booklets so far and about 3 more to go. 

They say getting it off your chest is good for your stomache.  Now I'm going for breakfast.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sunday, 5 August 2012

More pictures than words

I'm bored with thinking about food now but this is what I ate:

 And I played with Paint.NET

And watched the pigeons:

 And waited for the no. 1 to make up it's time:

 And saw a peacock:

and sewed, but I can't show that because it's a surprise for Diz.