Monday, 25 March 2013


I had 10 minutes before printmaking started and went to the college library.  And found:
It's not strange to find a painter I've not heard of. I like the way that she does heads so differently to legs.

Anh Duong has Vietnamese, Spanish, French and American connections. 

And it was that which set me off on my art library hunt

I went looking for a portrait painter who was/is British, Female.

 I found Gwen John,

Alison Watt,  who I recognised from her white cloth pictures

 Jean Cooke,
Hannah Gluckstein,

Maggi Hambling
and they lead me to a website absolutely overwhelmingly full of pictures and I got caught up in looking rather than selecting and I'm not sure why I decided I liked these pictures now, or even if I do, hands were part of it and Alison Watt is the solidity.

Then it snowed and I did my 'how I got on with Julian of Norwich' essay, which is on the Belief page.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Did I call my last one, whinge, whinge?

It's been that sort of fortnight. 
Garrison Keiller said the other week that March was designed by God so that non-drinkers would know what a hangover felt like.
Anemones were Mum's favourite flower.  This one bloomed for Mothering Sunday.  I've never had one flower so early but then this lot have been flowering - tattily but still flowering - all winter.
Angel had her haircut on Thursday. 
I love aquilegas even when they are not in flower.  Saturday I did a tidy up in the garden, got rid of a lot of the dead stuff - so look forward to a cold snap now I've stripped the beds of their blankets.

Monday, 4 March 2013

'Maslow's Triangle and the Widow's Mite'

Two blogposts that have set me thinking over Lent. The widow's mite made me rethink the story from virtue to exploitation. The reference to Maslow's Triangle made me rethink his theory and realise it had no validity at all (OK hand up to that one I hadn't really thought of it for ages and I am a slow learner. It shouldn't have needed wiki to tell me it's a theory with no supporting research).
And then walking the dog this lunchtime the two came together.
The widow has given all she has, knowing that it isn't enough to survive on and she didn't just chuck it away, she gave it for the upkeep of the religious hierarchy. The commentary on her action (Jesus's or the story teller's depending on how much you trust the Bible) is that she gives all while the rich man gives what he can spare.
Maslow would have the rich man and the church system stuck in the bottom two levels of his triangle, still concerned with their physiological needs. The widow should be off the top of the triangle but she can't be, because according to Maslow, you can't have personal growth without fulfilling your physiological and safety needs, and she can't do that.

As for her being exploited, well, yes, but that doesn't mean that she is just blindly giving because that is what the church tells her she should do. Why shouldn't she recognise that the rich man and the church have more cash than she does and not care.
I actually prayed for -do you know I cannot bring his name to mind, how's that for blocking out what you find unpleasant - Cameron on Sunday.  This is a result of reading Julian of Norwich and not a total tangent.  He has the power and the money, but he couldn't have felt better than I did at that moment.  Maybe that is how the widow felt giving up her last vestige of belief in a system that failed her in favour of a future of trust and faith that she would be alright.