Friday, 11 October 2013

Shetland Thursday

Gales - that's what was predicted for the day and it was certainly a wooly hat day.  It was also a 'going to the shop' day. Most of the way there, my right earlobe was wondering why it was left out in the cold and if it would have felt better with an ear-ring in. 
This is another try to get the bumps on the horizon.
The trouble with photos is they are too objective.  They don't focus like my brain does, making what I'm really looking at bigger.  The bullocks really wind Angel up.  They came to meet us, all snort and frollick, this morning and she finally decided that the best option was retreat.
I finally got a photo of the geese and they are, I think, white-fronted geese, The reason I'm not sure is that they are supposed to have white round their beaks, but maybe these are juveniles.  They're from Greenland, cos they've got orange beaks.

I don't know what the ducks are yet 

The wind was behind us on the way back and the afternoon was spent sat in the sunshine.
Tea time took us down to the walkway to Gluss Isle.  I saw the big black and white sea bird again, I've still no idea what it is and was too busy to get the camera out in time.
This is the view across Sullom Voe from the walkway

and this is across Gluss Voe

We got home to see the moon setting behind midfield croft which made me get my astronomy app going.  And it was clear, and so still by ten o'clock that I think I even saw the milky way, which I've never done on land before.
Still can't get the 'point your device at the sky' tool though.  Which bit do I point?

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