Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shetland - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Sunday, Double parked: This baby rabbit was sat next to Susan's car looking as if it was waiting for its photo taken, so I had to.

Then we went for a walk on Gluss Isle and got as far as the first beacon. Susan and Pete were meant to go on a boat trip so he rushed off to get dinner ready and we sauntered  and watched the traffic jam.

The boat trip  was cancelled so we went to Eshaness instead.  This is the Atlantic Ocean.  It should have been worse weather to see it at its best but I found it scary enough.

If it had been worse weather Pete would have been very wet here, he's just been photographing a blow hole.

Pete set off at 7, to sail round Whalsay and to the out  Skerries as a consolation prize for no trip yesterday.  Dr Jonathan was taking a boat out to count seals and invited him and Susan along but Susan didn't fancy 4 hours in possibly choppy seas.
It turned out so calm it was foggy here.  Pete saw a sea otter.
Susan, it turned out, saw the northern lights on one of her middle of the night ambles but wasn't confident enough to wake us!
I have no photoes for today cos I saw nothing new on our walk to the shops.

Yet another still day.  We went to Bressay and started at the lighthouse - it's flats now.  There was someone walking his lab/retriever there and he was saying how the economy on Shetland was doing so well.  The pelagic fishing - which catches shoal fish like herring and mackerel - do well.
Walking up to the South of the island, we got a view of the natural arch that reminded me of the rabbit skulls, 'leave' is a word Angel is very good at.  There were loads of lapine skeletons around, 
this one looks almost fit for the autopsy table.

From the top of the hill we could see Noss and some really changeable skies.


I've no idea what this is but it's pretty in any setting, and certainly in the middle of a moor.

 After the lighthouse it was a bit downhill, nowhere to eat and sameold, sameold on the scenery front.  A packet of chocolate digestives between us and a banana each didn't do an awful lot to redeem the situation and we were back at the ferry just in time to wait for the next one.
There were young shags in the harbour.

Then the ferry arrived.

A stay at home sort of day.  Went to the end of Gluss Isle, just me and Angel and NO camera so we could concentrate on sog-hopping, it was fun.  I'll take a camera maybe next time.

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