22nd February 2013
I'm updating the blog so this is a page in need of tidying - it will be done soonish.

Monday September 17th
Sunset / Rejoice
 I machined the pieces together and didn't quite get the points right on the attic windows.
I went back to sewing one stitch at a time but it's still difficult to get the needle to go straight through the layers - not quite so gathered though.
Also not finished yet - slapped wrist.

Sunday September 9th
Window/Let the sun shine in
 This is silk painted based on Tracey's batik on the main page.  The back is over fussy but I wanted to stitch all the window leading - maybe it was a mistake!
 This is the sashiko sampler 'grasses' that I bought at the quilting mueum. It's puckered a bit too.

Sunday September 2nd
Apparently, Journal Quilts are a good way to try out new techniques etc - which makes them a bit like the sampler quilt but without any final use. They tend to be A4 size. I reckon that makes them about right for noren. This week I was trying to make pieces fit. The geese at the sides of the world had to be a little bigger than those top and bottom.  I am also practising persistence but the top right goose would not fit and I did give up at the third attempt.

Tha plain side is where I tried out the welsh patterns hearts and twisted leaves and a couple of rams' heads and that brought me on to next weeks' aim: to do something about even stitching that goes through all the layers of the quilt, keeps to a size on both sides and does not make it obvious where I start and finish. And I don't think it's supposed to pucker, either.

August 26th 2012
I've decided to add from the top of the page - I think it makes more sense.
Here is Diz's birthday present, based on an indian inspired quilt from the same book as Susan's jacket (below this) and the Japanese door hangings called Noren.

 Diz wanted pink and purple and had the sari silk as a starting point.  I really enjoyed learning how to do things like sew beads and sequins on, cos I'd never done it before.

The little elephants look a bit as if they're in their 'jamas but by the time I'd finished the big one I'd worked out how to do chain stitch. (Yes I do know I missed a bit - I'm going to do it when I add the back, cos it's one sided at the moment and so not really finished.


 June 2012
 This is Susan's choice for a birthday present.  The fans at the bottom are painted on with silk paint using a stencil and the other fans are from japanese kimono silk mostly.

 I had to borrow her sewing machine to make the jacket and could have done with a lot more practice at sewing silk before I started.

Autumn 2011
 My latest 'thing to do with my hands cos I no longer smoke'. Like knitting, it doesn't really involve thinking so I can do it when I can't concentrate on anything that needs thought. Which is most of the time at the moment.

 The green and terracotta cushions are the first thing I did.  I started them at a class at Swarthmore, but had to cancel after about 3 sessions.  They're for outside really.

 This one was done from a birthday card from Diz
 These are all going to be a double bed quilt - this is as far as I've got at the moment. I'll be adding till I get to twenty I'm using The Essential Sampler Quilt Book by Lynn Edwards for this.
The backs are done in fabric from www.africanfabric.co.uk
and the fronts either from Samuel Taylor or http://thetabbycat.com/ or www.cottonpatch.co.uk

This is one of my favourite bits of quilting.  Which makes up for my not liking the swastika effect of my fabric choice.  And I don't care if it was Indian before it was Nazi  I still find it disturbing.  Not so much that I'm going to redo it though.
The quilting echoes the tunnel daisies on the other side.

Drunkard's Path I didn't like the bare patch in the middle at first but it looked better for quilting.
This one is called tumbling blocks.

Trip round the world.  I think it is the first one I quilted.
The top row stitched together:

and the other side:

In between getting the winter quilt finished I made a summer one because it was warm enough.  This one is machine stitched only and I had to squash it into the time I could borrow a machine but I'm going to have a good look at The free motion quilting project this autumn and get myself a machine.
TOP (grandmother's fans and triangles)

UNDERSIDE ( I found the material in Samuel Taylor's.  All three were part of a set and I bought what was left of each)