19th January 2016
I can't remember when I stopped going.
But I have.
22nd February 2013
I'm tidying the blog, so this is not in very good order - it will be. (I need to do the mapping my childhood words and paper

Screenprints from the life classes I went to with Susan.

Joanne helped me with drawing this:

This is one Susan drew and I just traced to screen print.
I did this for the end of year box set - it was a paper cutting I screenprinted

2010 - 2011
Learning how to do more than one colour with accuracy was right against my nature, took ages, was frustrating
and exhausting
and nigh on impossible

This one reduced me to tears and was included in the end of year box set just so I could get a copy of everyone else's work
 The cockerels were the first lino I did and done by reduction. 
Christmas cards (2010) - the best prints were given out before I thought to take photos 

Trying to work on marks for texture in lino   

Winter in Whitby (aquatint and hard ground)
This didn't work 'cos I didn't really know what I was doing

They look better separate

and with a tissue paper kite (chine collee)

This jay (and he's meant to be hovering like this)
is for 'mapping my childhood' which started in the winter of 2009 when it became obvious that I wouldn't be going to Eckington for much longer.
I don't know if it was walking the dog, or labelling photos or picking wallpaper for the living room but the four came together and I decided to make a wallpaper based on a map of the Eckington of my childhood overlaid with images of what I remember.
 This is the map as I remember it and referring to multimap because my sense of scale is not so hot. 

I loved type setting and printing this off on the machine 

Wallpaper piece 1 will have the words and the fox on the roof - I haven't decided which one yet, but I prefer the grainyness of not too much ink

The bull is a linocut ( nicked from the colman's mustard tin) the nearest I could get to the one on Hibbard's butchers wall that used to terrify me.
I haven't drawn the third print yet - I can't get the lapwings right - I remember the flashes of white then black as they flew almost below us on the fields to the left of the rise of the bridle path.
And then there's the pirate tree, maybe that if I can't get the lapwings but I wanted more 'not people'

This one is based on a couple of pictures from my japanese design books
This is hardground on aquatint (I think I got the terms right)

This is the only etching I did in 2010 -2011